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Lawn Fertilization 

Our fertilization program is designed to give your lawn and shrubs the proper blends of nutrients they need. We diagnose and correct any deficiencies on your first application. .


Tree & Shrub Care

Your trees and shrubs need care just as much as your lawn does. The tree and shrub program from Grass Monkey Pest Control is designed to help protect your landscape from insect and disease damage

Disease Control

Lawns form diseases when environmental conditions are right. Homeowners can sometimes help clear up the disease by proper irrigation. 

Insect Control

We apply a surface insect control product for control of ants, tics, fleas, sod web worm, and chinch bugs just to name a few.

Weed Control

We apply both pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides to help prevent germination and seed development at different times of the year.  By using both a systemic and contact herbicide we will keep your lawn weed free guaranteed. 




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